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Holiday Destination

Chelsea is an artist and maker living in Jacksonville, Florida.   Born in Texas, she moved to Florida in 2020 as the artist and builder for Ocean Aquaria, an international seller of artificial coral. 

Chelsea developed her color mixing skills during her time at Aveda Institute in Texas.  She used those skills to develop a new line of brighter, more colorful artificial corals. 


Chelsea picked up her maker skills as a teen in her grandfathers workshop. 


Shown here building a cat tree.

Chelsea with her finished works before crating them up for shipment.


A visit to the Tampa Bay Watch Discovery Center to view her installed Mangrove Tree. In St. Petersburg, FL

(The logo of the center was patterened after her tree.)


Chelsea working on site in Los Angeles installing her Mangrove roots for an exhibit at The Aquarium of the Pacific.

Blush and Brush

Fun with Color

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